Aidapt Australia's 5 Ways to Beat Heart Disease

Aidapt Australia's 5 Ways to Beat Heart Disease

Today we're tackling a biggie, and it's unfortunately a problem that's getting worse - Heart Disease. Now mostly this is due to our increasingly sedate lifestyles and questionable eating habits so the good news is there are ways we can reduce our risk of heart disease and ensuring our ticker is in tip top shape. So we've put together our 5 Ways to Beat Heart Disease, and no don't worry, there's no marathon running or cabbage diet in sight.


1) Get outside! We're lucky enough to live in Australia, open the front door and take in the scenery and most importantly - the sun! Now I know advice that suggests going out in the sun seems contrary to everything you hear these days but it harks back to everything in moderation, so get 20 minutes worth of daylight to boost your Vitamin D levels and cut your risk of heart disease by a whopping 26%, plus you'll lower your nitric oxide levels in your skin and blood which has the double whammy benefit of lowering your stroke risk.


2) Be careful with those Bones! - Your risk of heart disease increases 60% if you're diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis so look after those joints and eat salmon twice of week, you don't need an excuse, it's delicious!


3) Juice Up - You always have to be careful of sugar content when purchasing fruit juice, but look out for pomegranate juice, it might not be a top seller but it's lovely and drinking only 60ml of the stuff a day can improve your blood flow and lower your systolic blood pressure by 20%.


4) Snack on... Chocolate! - The feedback we get about this blog is that people like how pragmatic and achievable the advice is, we don't see the point in writing blogs about intensive training regimes or hard-core diets, we ourselves don’t do them so why would we expect you to? Plus unless you're after achieving a certain fitness goal they're often unnecessary, so our fourth tip on how to lower your risk of heart disease is to snack on chocolate, why? Well because a study by the Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating chocolate two times a week lowered your risk of having calcified plaque lining your arteries by 32%, just make sure the cocoa content is 70% or more!


5) This goes against the grain, but eat the super fruit known as... Kiwi - Yep it's true, the Kiwi really is amazing, this furry fruit reduces heart-straining blood triglyceride levels by 15% and stroke-causing platelet clots by 18% according to the University of Oslo.


So there you have it, 5 very simple, easily achievable, tips to help keep your heart in tip-top shape.


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