Aidapt Australia's Blog - Beating The Winter Blues

Aidapt Australia's Blog - Beating The Winter Blues

It's a funny thing how the weather and seasons can affect our mood, what's not so funny however is how this can seem to become more apparently as we age and become older.

However you're not alone, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is quite common and is actually brought on more to do with the day/night cycle than the drop in temperature, although the latter certainly feels like it has more of an affect on our bones!

So what are you to do? Sit there and mope for 4 months until the clocks go forward? Absolutely not, we have the solution for you -

  • Go for a walk - Yes that's right, wrap up (if appropriate, probably not in the northern parts of the County but for us in Sydney/Melbourne/Adelaide it really is!) and head outdoors, the increase in your heart rate will warm you up and release the natural feel good hormone serotonin, no pills or capsules needed here.
  • Eat Right - Omega 3 Fatty Acids are important in keeping you feeling positive, that means extra oily fish like Salmon, nuts like walnuts, wholegrain carbs (stay away from the white kind!) as well as lots of fruit and veg
  • Sleep - The best advice is get into a routine, try a hot bath and getting to bed early, see how you feel after a few days of good sleep.
  • Take Charge - Go out and have "fun", this may sound obvious if down in the dumps but as we get older we have to take control of our moods and take action
  • Confide and Socialise - I have always always believed in a problem shared is a problem halved, no this doesn't make you "the moany one" to your friends, talk to them, tell them, you'll be surprised how many may feel the same.

And that's it guys, a few small tweeks in your routine can have big results, give it a try and see how you get on.