This varied range of Bedroom Aids and Accessories from Aidapt includes products for comfort, mobility and safety in the bedroom, such as commodes, back rests, bed rails and dressing aids.

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  • Bed Accessories

    Aidapt Australia's Policies

    • Bedroom Back Rests, Pillow Raisers and Mattress Raisers are bedroom aids for easing transfer into/out of bed and for improving user comfort. Ideal for resting patients or for greater independence in everday use at home.
    • Bed Lifting Aids are designed to assist users with transfer into and out of the bed, as well as to provide an easy way to sit up or change position.
    • Bed Rails and Transfer Aids are a simple solution for improving stability and support for users and their assistants when transferring to/from their bed. Available for both single and double beds and designed to limit disturbance to other occupants.
    • A range of cushions and comfort products for the home, with a new expanded selection of memory foam supports and cushions, including specially-shaped lumbar supports, coccyx wedge cushions and donut shaped pressure relief cushions.
  • Commodes


    A range of hygienic Commodes and Commode Accessories including Bariatric Commodes, Commode Pails and Commode-type Shower Chairs. These Toileting Aids are suitable for use in a hospital or at home in the Bedroom or Bathroom, with optional height adjustment and in various widths.

    Aidapt Australia's Policies

    High Functionality Sydney commodes


    Today, there is a lot of toilet equipment that can be effectively used as an alternative for standard toilets for the elderly. There are times when the toilet may be too far away from the living/sleeping area and older people may have difficulty in getting to it. Sydney commodes are an ideal solution in this situation. Aidapt Australia is one of the leading companies in this space and we have a range of commodes for the elderly.


    High-Quality Products


    Our Bariatric Commodes are top of the line products that are a great convenience and can be used in a home, hospital or elderly care setting. They can be placed either in the bathroom or bedroom and become a very useful aid. These tools are available in a range of widths and heights, are comfortable to use and stylish in design. Many of the Sydney commodes we have come with padded sets and the adjustable height ensures comfort and convenience while using them.


    The Convenience Factor - Based in Sydney


    They have very easy to remove commode pans that have a handle for waste disposal. Some models of commodes also have fixed or removable armrests. These provide the user added support when it is required and improves stability too. Some older people find it very difficult to lower and raise themselves from the seat comfortably and our commodes provide them the functionality they need. These seat cushions are removable which makes stacking and cleaning much easier. These commodes are adjustable and stackable which makes them perfect for hospital settings where they have to be stored in larger quantities.


    When Functionality Counts


    We at Aidapt Australia always aim to bring to market highly functional products that will help the elderly or anyone that needs additional assistance with everyday activities. Our products are top-of-the-line and made with strong and durable materials. This ensures they will last for years. The cushioned seats on the commodes add to the comfort factor and they are also designed very well.


    They are an ideal addition to a home or medical facility setting that needs additional accessories to help the elderly or patients. You will find a range of products on our site and we provide quick delivery to your location. Choose from a wide range of models of commodes in Sydney. For more information, call Aidapt Australia on 02 8084 1503 or contact us via this online form

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Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items